December 02/2006 .


EDWARDS-HRC Factory Monocoque Tailsection for OEM RC51 

First Pics mounted :

Edwards Tailsection Monocoque P5.jpg (194309 Byte)                 Edwards Tailsection Monocoque P2.jpg (214939 Byte)                 Edwards Tailsection Monocoque P1.jpg (224598 Byte)             



A Picture - Serial of how the Electronics storage works , shown on the model . The seat is closing all openings afterwards. 
I had to rework the seat-mould a little bit to make electronics-storage easier .  Pics of that Measurement  will follow also soon .


         Edwards Tail Nov21 2006 Pic 1.jpg (157548 Byte)                         Edwards Tail Nov21 2006 Pic 2.jpg (163969 Byte)                           Edwards Tail Nov21 2006 Pic 3.jpg (150272 Byte)



A few Details now about the Versions which will be available .All Edwards-Tailsection types are fully Carbon or Heavy duty Carbon + Carbon/Kevlar , for those who often high- or lowside .The Tailsection come in with a fine black gelcoat , which is able to be painted - or leave all as it is , black is a nice colour .

For Carbon sight Optics :theres a charge

Racing Versions :
I : for all those who have anyway no electronics or only the ECU in the back , there is no need for a large Pan , so this would be the basic Factory-Tailsection .
Subgroups :
Ia : Reinforced for OEM Hanger mounting Spots                                            
Ib : Reinforced Section  high-mount Hanger mounting Spots                          
Ic : Reinforced Section at both mounting spots                                             

II :  for all those who need space for electronics , including the large Storage-Pan 
Subgroups :
IIa : Reinforced for OEM Hanger mounting Spots                                          
IIb : Reinforced Section  high-mount Hanger mounting Spots                       
IIc : Reinforced Section at both mounting spots                                              

Road Version :

Because the undertail is closed and one with the Tailsection - so there are no screws showing out or similar - there are several ways for Taillights .
Myself  I always prefer a Carbon-Bracket where you can mount all the stuff like Taillight , #-Plate , Blinker and so on , which means once you go on track you simple remove all this stuff whit 4 screws, and you go on track with a full racing-Tailsection, where no Taillight is showing , that it is a Roadbike .
This would be Version III , Subgroups a/b/c

I know that some would like to have a integrated Taillight , which is also possible to fab.
But there are so many different Taillights existing , that I can not fab 15 different undertail - moulds :
In this case for your intended Solution of a integrated Taillight contact me for individual Solutions : 

November 10/2006 : The Pan for the Electronics is done , in the Background the 40% finished mould of the tailsection Monocoque HRC Factory Modelwork 2.jpg (201040 Byte)

November 9/2006 :At present I develope a lot of new stuff , but my capacities are limited . So - it is more kinda feeling - I am not so sure to be able to fab a lot of these Tailsections . My Estimation is one a week ( it's a 3 to 4 pieces-Assy , Tailsection , Seat ,Pan for Electronics , #-Plate/Blinker Bracket ) . So please - if you like to order it - allow some Time for delivery.

November 8/2006 : Monocoque HRC Factory Modelwork 1.jpg (137508 Byte)

Tomorrow  I will begin with the mould of the Edwards-Tailsection . Through all the different Parts the mould has (where each has to harden at least a day ) the mould takes 7 days , then demoulding of the model and  preparation of the mould for positives takes another 2 days . So my countdown : In 14 days the Tailsection will appear here ! But tomorrow one more Picture of the modelwork here . The Pan to carry the Electronics is already done .


November 2/2006 : 

Inside modelwork still , but I proceed . I count 14 days , then the mould is done . Working every day on it !!
Edwards Tailsection Monocoque Modelwork P1.jpg (144350 Byte)     
The seat itself is done . At present I'm developing the Tailsection in fine-work plus the Pan to carry all the Electronics 


Oktober 25/2006 :

Got a sample RC from a friend here in Germany to have a close-to-OEM Bike to start to adapt the Edwards-Tailsection to a RC51 .What you see below in the end will be a Monocoque Tailsection , means : forget your subframe , it's no longer requiered . The Idea for a simple Tailsection for OEM Subframe as some kind of "bolt on" I layed on ice ,because -regarding the work involved , and the modifications I've got in mind - I thought it's better to put it all into this Tailsection .

Because this monocoque Tailsection : 
- is angled steeper than the Edwards and OEM one , which are at a height at the rear end of ~ 97 cm . Sportbikes which I have measured are at  a heigh of 102-   108 cm , and I've adjusted ~ 103 cm , so more than 2" more heigh at the end , Tailsection top is now matching the Fueltank-line much better .
- the ride height is improved now , 3-5 cm higher (1 1/4 - 2" depending if you measure the seatpad height with or without rider ) , and 
- is stiff , which means you've got the chance to feel how the rear end behaves on road or track
- is light . The weight-shaving is at it's Max . I'd estimate the weight-loose at 15 lbs , with exchange of only one component !
- is not so radical , as it appears : you will be able to place all electronics in the back, you've not to shorten or modify the wire-harness
- is optional, for track and road . I will develope a Carbon #-Plate/Blinkers Bracket and an integral Option fot Taillight
- is covering all kinds of Exhaust-Systems (as for mounting spots ) . For high-mount theres the ideal spot integrated at the Edwards-Tailsection , and for all those which like to use the std.-spot I will reshape the inside of the Tailsection, that you can mount every hanger which has used the OEM Subframe Mounting-Spots !